At Collier Row Gospel Hall, our weekly program looks something like this:


10:00am, Breaking of Bread
At 10:00am, we come together to break bread and take wine together (Luke 22.19-20).
11:30am, Sunday School (ages: 3-13)
Each Sunday morning, the Sunday School meet for a time of Bible-teaching, arts & crafts, team quizzes, and singing. The children love coming, the leaders love running it, and children of all ages and backgrounds are welcome.
11:30am, Bible Class
At the same time we hold a bible class. We’re currently working through the book of I Corinthians.
4:30pm, Afternoon Service
In the afternoon, we meet together for a short talk from the Bible and a cup of tea or coffee to follow. We also try to cater for the children who come. We’d love to have you join us. The meeting lasts about 45 minutes.

8:00pm, Bible Study and Prayer
On a Tuesday evening, we spend time in the study of God’s Word and prayer. When we pray, we simply talk to our Father in Heaven—something Jesus himself encouraged us to do. So, please don’t feel embarrassed to join us.
On the first Sunday
of each month, we hold a short service in The Lodge Retirement Home (in Lodge Lane). We also hold various other annual events like the Riverbank Bible Club (during the spring half-term), our Bible Conference (normally on the May Bank Holiday), our Carol service, and various social outings.

To find out a bit more about the gospel halls in general, take a look here.