Are you fine without God?

The Gospel

Many people in today's society have no hunger for the good news of the gospel. This is because the "modern gospel" tells them that Jesus will repair their marriages, remove their drug problems, and fill the empty longing in their hearts. While this is gloriously true, it limits the gospel's field of influence. If the gospel is billed as only being for those with broken marriages, drug problems, depression, and feelings of emptiness, many will never see their need of salvation until it's too late..... Read More

Christian Articles

Without Integtity A Man Cannot Be Trusted!

Integrity is a word that is seldom used these days. Most of our modern world.... Read More

Forgiven People Must Forgive Too

ANYONE can overcome offences and live free from the pain of past hurts. But, for some.... Read More

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Sunday School

On Sunday mornings, we run a Sunday School for children aged between 3 and 13 where they learn about everything from dinosaurs to King David!

Each Sunday morning, the Sunday School meet for a time of Bible-teaching, arts & crafts, team quizzes, and singing. The children love coming, the leaders love running it, and children of all ages and backgrounds are welcome.

This Month

Sundays 4.30pm, Studies from the Book of Ecclesiastes
1st May - Steve Prince
8th May - Greg Bennett
15th May - Ken Totton
22nd May - Feranti wong
29th May - Joash Alencon
Tuesdays 8.00pm, Prayer & Bible Reading
3rd May - Genesis ch 10
10th May - Genesis ch 11
17th May - Genesis ch 12
24th May - Genesis ch 13
31st May - Genesis ch 14

Upcoming Events